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Capital Industrial Ships are new to the EVE universe, providing industrial pilots a set of capital ships which bridge the gap between carriers and freighters, both of which have been frequently pressed into industrial roles over the years.The needs of an industrial pilot are substantially different from those of a combat pilot. An industrialist does not need the capacity to inflict substantial damage to structures, eliminate scores of small vessels, or supply fighters and provide triage services. An industrial pilot needs the capacity to collect large amounts of ore in space, store it for transport, carry a number of ships between mining sites, and act as a fleet booster. It is this role which the capital industrial class fills.


Fly safe

  • Sleipnir (Minmatar Command Ship)




  • Sleipnir...

    Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire and 7.5% bonus to Shield Booster effectiveness per level...

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