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EVEwiz is a unique EVE Online shop with a highly niched business scope. We initiate and maintain long-term business relationships with an exclusive clientele that values account integrity and time spent in-game.

Our focus lies on personal service, security, and an exhaustive selection of purchasable commodities. When you order from EVEwiz, not only do you get quality items tailored to your needs, you also get them delivered straight to your personal hangar space in a station and solar system of your choice. This is a unique service that you simply can not get elsewhere. And best of all, our service comes at an unsurpassed level of security that lays the foundation for mutual satisfaction that lasts beyond the single transaction.


EVEwiz was launched in 2009 by a team of enthusiastic EVE Online players based in Europe. Having spent countless hours mining, researching, merchanting, and fighting, we had come to realize that there was a massive black whole in the EVE Online universe - a black whole that we could help fill.

EVE Online is all about specialization, cooperation and outsourcing, and a shop accepting real money for EVE Online services is a natural consequence of these game mechanics. Some players have a surplus of time but a money deficit, others have a surplus of money but a time deficit. By providing an interface for transactions between these two groups, we would vastly enhance their EVE Online experience and make a living in the process.

Thus, EVEwiz was born. An EVE Online shop by players for players.

Present is as of May 2012 a joint-venture of (Enhanced Online Gaming Ltd) . This merger augments our support and enhances our infrastructure which in turn helps us provide our customers with flawless service around the clock. Our core team and core values remain the same, we have just become better at expressing who we are and what we stand for.


We aim to become the number 1 provider of EVE Online services, with not only the best in-game service but also highly competitive prices and exhaustive guides to meet all your EVE Online needs. We feel 2012 will be defining year for us and our clients. A year that sets the stage for a great future.

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Enhanced Online Gaming Ltd
Unit 5, 27/F, Richmond Commercial Building
109 Argyle Street


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