EVEwiz now on dedicated server 06/14/2013

Last week we decided to move from the good old VPS to a dedicated server. The migration is now over and EVEwiz is up and running on the dedicated server. We had to recompile apache a few times but now it's all running like clockwork. This is great news for our visitors who can now enjoy faster loading times around the clock and particulary at peak hours.

We are planning to add a great deal of content to the website over the next few weeks. Thousands of new items and the best fitting guide you will ever need are coming your way. Stay tuned.


Fly safe

  • Nighthawk (Caldari Command Ship)




  • Nighthawk...

    Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to assault missile, heavy assault missile and heavy missile launcher rate of fire and 5% bonus to...

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